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MYTH is a ground-breaking platform enabling legions of pop culture fans to play, create and collaborate – and be rewarded for doing so. We’ve recruited an incredible team who are actively building MYTH into an integrated ecosystem and have signed up a best-in-class partner alliance to power rapid growth. We’ve secured high value Intellectual Property rights globally to drive the fan proposition and achieve scale rapidly. MYTH will deliver game-changing web 3.0 content to fans including play & earn blockchain games, unique gamified digital collectibles, innovative digital publishing, and extraordinary community driven projects – all backed by a novel tokenisation

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MYTH is a ground-breaking platform enabling legions of pop culture fans to play, create and collaborate – and be rewarded for doing so. To date MYTH has 14 exciting projects signed up to utilise the MYTH ecosystem and is set to make a number of major announcements regarding onboarding internationally recognised IP assets in the coming weeks. Highly regarded and internationally recognised partners such as Heavy Metal Magazine & Aftershock Comics joins the likes of new players Hex Mythica and Unrivalled in what will be a comprehensive fan offering. The MYTH TEAM MYTH has recruited an incredible team who are actively building an integrated ecosystem to power rapid growth. This globally recognised team of blockchain developers, entertainment brokers, gaming gurus, information architects, web 3.0 engineers and content creators are driving MYTH from the get-go to ensure speed to market, agility and skilful execution. A FAN CENTRIC FOCUS and COMMITMENT TO SECURING STRONG IP MYTH has also secured high value, Intellectual Property rights globally in the sci-fi, horror and fantasy genres to drive the fan proposition in a burgeoning market literally boasts hundreds of millions of passionate fans. MYTH's goal is to become the ultimate ecosystem for fantasy, sci-fi, and horror fans in the Web3 space, following the ethos of a fan-first approach to creating content, building community, and enabling cutting-edge tools to empower users to create and play together like never before. By leveraging the creativity of fan bases across a multitude of mediums, MYTH endeavours to provide a holistic experience for fans, who, from within the ecosystem will be able to play partner games, collect NFTs, partake in unique platform experiences, and play a role in shaping community-driven projects. One of the key capabilities under development is an AI-powered fan dashboard that rewards those who play, create, and collaborate. The MYTH dashboard is a single, scalable interface supported by a full CMS suite and informs a market intelligence function with predictive modelling capability that provides game changing customer intelligence, real time analysis and personalised user experience (UX) journeys. For fans it will be the key to a level of engagement they haven’t even dreamed of, yet alone experienced with a compelling and rewarding incentives program. For MYTH partners it supercharges their ability to deliver projects leveraging real time feedback loops, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and trigger-based user experiences with a confidence and efficiency that will drive success. A SUSTAINABLE MODEL Other technical and infrastructure projects include a unique token model that unites stakeholders with returns tied directly to ecosystem transactional volume, a central MYTH marketplace that aggregates all partner activity and white label platform solutions that enable partners to cost effectively deliver NFT powered offers to market quickly. A payment gateway module, customisable virtual galleries for fans to curate and display their digital assets and a launchpad for fantasy themed web 3.0 start-ups to be nurtured and accelerated are all included in the MYTH runway. Notably these technical developments, major partnership commitments and the securing of globally recognised IP assets have all been locked down prior to MYTH’s launch, currently scheduled for Q1 2023. STRONG PRE-MARKET SUPPORT MYTH’s go-to-market strategy now centres around further fan acquisition and strategic partnerships with a team of social influencers, community managers and content creators working on the release of a number of pre-launch activations set to also be announced in the coming weeks with MYTH successfully securing partnerships with some of the biggest names in the web 3.0 world including crypto.com and Vulcan Verse to launch and amplify. Crypto start-up incubator and advisory firm, TDeFi has also recently announced the addition of MYTH to its ecosystem joining the firm’s growing roster of some 45 projects including Bridge Network, Sinverse and many others. IN SUMMARY The Myth proposition is simple – create a home for a huge base of incredibly passionate fans that enables them to play, create, collaborate, and be rewarded as part of a rapidly expanding, and immersive web 3 community. Seed that community with incredible IP, highly targeted and incentivised offerings and a project runway set to surprise and delight fans as MYTH grows and evolves into the definitive home for modern fandom. Visit www.myth.fans for the latest on MYTH.

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