Cypher Capital is a venture capital firm based in the UAE focused on crypto, blockchain, and digital asset-related projects worldwide. Cypher Capital takes a holistic approach in creating an ecosystem in which crypto, blockchain and digital asset-related projects can thrive under the mentorship and relationships that Cypher Capital has to offer.

Cypher Capital is a leading venture capital firm focused on blockchain technology and the digital currency ecosystem along with market development in the Middle East & Africa. We believe in a decentralized and technology-driven world.

Cypher Capital is one of MENA's biggest blockchain focused funds. We aim to build and grow the blockchain ecosystem in the MENA region. As Future Blockchain Summit is one of the biggest and most respected conferences in the region, it will give Cypher Capital a platform to reach to the correct audience and execute its vision.

Cypher Capital will be showcasing its key portfolio companies who are building innovative solutions leveraging blockchain technology in multiple domains, including mobility, gaming, KYC, Identity etc.